Back the Child

At Ommej, we are committed to digitizing and streamlining the collection of children's opinions and experiences. Our digital platform is designed to give adults better tools to understand and address children's fundamental problems.

We are proud of our collaboration with Backa Barnet, a collaborative model that brings together professionals from municipalities, health care, and the police to promote children's rights.

Backa Barnet and Ommej share the ambition to ensure that children are always heard and that their rights are always prioritized. Through our collaboration, we strengthen cooperation around children and young people, where Ommej acts as a platform to raise the children's voices and Backa Barnet as a model to support the commitment.

This adaptation of Ommej includes redesigning the layout as well as integrating the core components of Backa Barnet to create a unified and functional user experience. The goal is to ensure that Ommej serves as an effective tool that supports the Back the Child model, and that it meets the unique needs and demands of the model to always listen, help and put children's rights first.

Read more here about the Backa Barnet model and how our collaboration makes a difference for children and young people.

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