A child's big world
in a small app

Ommej is a digital tool for children to tell their own story - and for adults to understand the child's perspective.

Administration support for businesses

Our administration support enables businesses to access a child's story with just a few keystrokes.

  • Facilitates collaboration
  • Early and preventive measures
  • Statistics
  • Science and proven experience

An app for children

The Ommej app is available to download for free for all children. The app lowers the threshold for children and young people to tell how they feel and how they feel in all areas of their lives. When children and young people can tell from their perspective, adults better understand their real needs and the path to the right help and support is shorter.

"It feels easier to talk about difficult things this way"

- Child, 8 years

"Imagine if I had been allowed to do this before I met youth psychiatry, then I wouldn't have had to sit through 2,5 years talking about what the THEY thought was important!"

- Girl, 16 years

“We had no idea he felt this way before our divorce. It was obviously hard to hear but I'm glad it came up so we can talk about it - he's our top priority!”

- Parent

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