A child's big world
in a small app

Ommej is a digital tool for children to tell their own story - and for adults to understand the child's perspective.

Vital Screentime

Our digital tool Ommej allows children and young people to tell their own story, on their own terms, so that adults understand and the path to the right support is shorter. 

Do you want to know more about how Ommej can empower children who come into contact with your administration, while saving resources and being able to support even more children?

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The Administration Tool

Ommej is a digital tool to streamline the work of various authorities in helping children. Ommej removes the thresholds that can arise when children with problems meet the adult world. 

Ommej identifies risks so that you can quickly start working with the right efforts from all sides. Ommej identifies resources in the children's vicinity that can become a positive lever in the work to help. Ommej strengthens the positive to process the negative.

For Children

An app for children and young people where they can answer questions about their life and choose to share their story with adults. Everything is controlled entirely on the child's terms.

For Administration

The administration tool gives you an insight into the child's world and can show advanced statistics on the realities of several children.

For Parents

The children can choose to share their answers with their parents. This makes it easier to identify earlier things that the child is worried about or wants help with.

From our users

"It feels easier to talk about difficult things this way"

- Child, 8 years

"Imagine if I had been allowed to do this before I met youth psychiatry, then I wouldn't have had to sit through 2,5 years talking about what the THEY thought was important!"

- Girl, 16 years

“We had no idea he felt this way before our divorce. It was obviously hard to hear but I'm glad it came up so we can talk about it - he's our top priority!”

- Parent

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