Ommej's tailored mapping helps businesses and municipalities to identify early risk and resource factors which affects children and young people health and development.

It can include problematic school absence, mental illness, norm-breaking behavior and exclusion. By analyzing these factors, businesses gain a deeper understanding of common needs and challenges, which is crucial for developing health-promoting, individualized and effective support measures.

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This is how you map in six steps

This is how you map in six steps

Step 1

Define groups and focus area

The municipality or the business defines the student group(s) and which focus area they want to map. You also have the opportunity to formulate your own questions to be included in the survey.

step 2

Generate code

You will receive a unique invitation code (eg ABC-123) for each group, as well as information material to hand out.

Step 3

Inform students

You inform students and guardians with Ommej's information material.

Step 4

Plan time

You plan and allocate time in the students' schedule to answer in Ommej.

Step 5

Compilation of data

Ommej compiles data on identified risk and resource factors linked to your focus areas as well as an analysis of any connections.

Step 6

Presentation and continuation

Ommej presents the results of the survey both orally and in writing. Ommej also collaborates with several experts who offer a tailored lecture and give suggestions for measures.

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By automating data collection and analysis, Ommej's mapping is an effective solution for schools, municipalities and other businesses that encounter large groups of children. The service protects the privacy of children and young people through anonymous data management, while at the same time giving businesses and municipalities the flexibility to adapt and present data at different levels, for example per class, grade, school, etc.

Businesses can also integrate their own customized questions into the mapping, which makes the tool even more adapted to specific needs. Ommej collaborates with various actors to offer special training and lectures aimed at students, school staff and guardians. This contributes to a comprehensive and targeted action plan.

For schools licensed for the Ommej service, school staff and student health can, with student approval, access individual children's stories and requests for support. This saves time and resources for student health while strengthening the ability to provide targeted support and promoting a more inclusive and healthy school environment for all students.

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