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A digital tool for better conversations with children and young people.

Ommej is a digital tool that aims to facilitate and streamline activities' work with children and young people. Ommej makes it easier to identify and address the challenges and difficulties children face. With a clear overview of the child's risk factors, businesses can start working with appropriate efforts from several different directions. Ommej also discovers resources that can be a positive force in the work of processing the negative.

Systematic Evaluation

Use Ommej to compare stories over time, from one year to another or before and after an intervention.

Simple Overview

Get easy-to-understand views of the child's network, wishes, risks and resources.

Evidence-based practice

Use Ommej to develop the business and adapt interventions for the child's individual needs


Get access to concrete statistics in stylish graphic summaries that makes things easier for everyone.

Preventive Work

Map large groups of children to identify risks and work on prevention.

What does science say?

You know there is research on Ommej right? A Forte-financed study has shown that you get to the core problem faster because the children can formulate the problem themselves.

Ommej and GDPR

Ommej takes the privacy of personal data very seriously and follows all GDPR guidelines strictly. We store only limited anonymized data in secure Swedish cloud services, and share the data according to law. We are very careful with privacy, security and rights according to the data protection regulation.

More info about Ommej

What makes Ommej Unique?

Read more about how the Ommej app is unique and how it can develop your business.

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Honor related oppression

How do we map honor-related violence and oppression?

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Health and Learning

How does the Ommej app promote health and learning at school?

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Violence in young people's close relationships

Read about how Ommej maps violence in young people's close relationships.

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Crime Prevention

Research at Ommej

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Research at Ommej

Read the research report from Malmö and Lund universities.

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