Our conversation

Our conversation offers tools that contribute to a safe and open communication environment, which promotes an atmosphere where children feel included and respected.

The material is divided into sections dealing with the child's resources, help needs and possible concerns, which makes it easy for caseworkers to identify and focus on relevant topics of conversation. The child can easily see their own answers, which increases their participation and allows them to choose topics of conversation and express their feelings with smileys. This document is used to jointly explore the child's situation and discuss opportunities for improvement.

The Ommej app supports the child in expressing their thoughts and feelings, enhancing the conversation based on the child's needs. A shared focus helps the child maintain concentration and feel safe. Our educational and illustrative material keeps the attention during the conversations. Ommej is user-friendly on both tablet and computer and can be printed for use during physical meetings.

Before meetings, managers can plan conversation areas to ensure a focused and effective conversation. After the meeting, the caseworker can send follow-up questions via the app, linked to the child's experience of participation and influence. The opportunity to give feedback after the meeting is valuable for continuously improving and adapting the conversation techniques to the child's needs.

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