To license Ommej

We want to make it as easy as possible for municipalities to buy Ommej. The most common way for our customers is direct procurement, but it is also possible to call off via Atea, or a regular procurement. We help regardless.

The normal license model is that an individual administration or an entire municipality buys Ommej, and then an unlimited number of users applies. But we can always adapt the model to your special needs.

Are you curious about the service for your business? Please contact us for a viewing.

We start here

Step 1


We book a viewing for those who want to know more about the service.

Book a viewing directly here! You do not need to have arranged anything before, it is enough that there is an interest somewhere in the business.

After the viewing, we will send you a cost proposal together with the information you need to discuss further. We are also happy to hold another viewing if not all the necessary people were present at the first meeting.

step 2

IT and implementation

In this step, we want a meeting with the IT coordinator or IT strategist, as well as the implementation manager or development strategist. It is important that early in the process we get to discuss the requirements that exist in order for us to fit into your work environment.

Step 3

Data protection

Here we book a meeting with your data protection officer, and preferably anyone else who benefits from this information, eg IT.

We go through everything you need to be able to fill in your DPIA, as well as clear up any questions about how the service works technically, which subcontractors we have and how we handle sensitive data.

Step 4


Now you are ready to write an agreement. The purchasing department may need to be involved in order for the process to be as smooth as possible.

Different businesses procure in different ways, and we are happy to help from our side.

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Contract 🚀

All municipalities work differently, and Ommej is adapted to work with all types of license models.

Our typical agreement applies to an unlimited number of users, and a cost based on the size of the municipality. The agreements can apply to the entire municipality or individual administrations. We can be bought in via direct procurement, public procurement, or called via Atea and Adda. We have a PUB agreement based on SKR's template.

The app is always free for all children, regardless of contract.

After contract writing

Step 1

Start-up training

Our start-up courses provide basic and in-depth knowledge in Ommej.

In addition to the handling itself, we go through how Ommej fills gaps in the authorities' work today. You gain an understanding of how Ommej streamlines your work and how you get a better picture of the life situation of children and young people.

We will book this meeting already during the writing of the contract.

step 2

Implementation in the business

In the implementation process, we help you develop one change plan, one implementation plan and one follow-up plan. After each module there is a scheduled reconciliation with Ommej. We support the business throughout the implementation journey.

Now and then

New employees

Along the way you will bring in new employees, and for them we hold training days every few months, at no extra cost.

Step 3

Follow-up with the Ommej team

We have continuous reconciliations with the business, but when the service has been used for 9-12 months, we have a larger follow-up together. Here we evaluate together how the business achieved its goals.

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