“What are we going to do with everything we learn?”

The Ommej report on the well-being of children and young people in 2024

Ommej publishes its annual report, "What should we do with everything we learn?", which highlights the challenges of society's fragmented system. Children's real needs are lost and the cost is great for the individual child, the child's network and society at large.

With the Ommej report, children's voices and feelings are given space and we get an insight into children's own stories about worries and the desire for help. The goal is for the report to act as a driving force for influence and change based on children's real needs - so that we adults can act in the right way! Through intelligent AI algorithms, connections that might otherwise be difficult to detect have been identified. We have also worked on finding patterns, based on the expertise and long experience of working with children's mental health that is in the team. Here we have used a number of different methods to visualize and work with data in new ways.

Are you interested in implementing Ommej in your business? We provide customized reports for all partners. Please book a viewing here.

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