Which party really puts the children on the agenda?

On Friday, Ommej will participate in a breakfast meeting on mental illness organized by the Center Party in Helsingborg. In the city of Helsingborg, a real investment has been made to reverse the worrying trend of growing mental illness in children and young people, among other things through an overall effort to implement Ommej in social administration and school and leisure administration. A work that showed a significant effect on both cooperation, resource savings and better efforts for the children.

The invitation to the meeting on Friday is a good start, but we at Ommej believe that the children's rights perspective must be given an even higher priority in the election debate and that decision-makers need to act more strongly to ensure the right of future generations to:

  • participation in all matters concerning the lives of children and young people
  • that the child's perspective is always at the center
  • early and coordinated support
  • preventive measures in matters that risk affecting many children and young people
  • to use digital means to make themselves heard and understood

At Ommej, we are naturally curious about which parties will use the election to democratize children and young people's statutory right to a healthy and safe childhood. When The Center Party or other parties are ready to raise the conversation in a larger arena, then Ommej is at your disposal. Now all that remains is to see which parties give the children the highest priority.