"Through Ommej, we can cooperate with other authorities and help the child faster. We work on prevention and promotion!”

Today, technology is an obvious part of children's everyday life. Ommej is actively developed with the technology to enable a deeper understanding in areas such as mental illness, exclusion, crime prevention work, school results, family relationships and suicide among children and young people. "Working preventively is a matter of course, and using the most natural tool for children and young people, namely technology, is crucial to understanding their world, their feelings and creating a holistic view that favors their well-being and future." says Nicolina Fransson, founder and CEO of Ommej.

Since 2021, Ommej has been used within Härnösand's collaboration model HLT, where school, social services, student health and primary care work together to offer early coordinated support to children in primary and middle school. After just over two years of use in the collaboration project, the municipality is now switching with a broad introduction of Ommej within the entire social administration and school administration. "I think Ommej is a good tool for the child to be able to speak without them having to speak. They can calmly answer the questions at their own pace. They can log out and log in and don't have to feel any stress.

"I think it is good to go through the results with the children afterwards and in this way give feedback and have the result as a basis for discussion. Many children are shy and not used to talking about difficult things, and then it will be a good help in the conversation, to focus on the right things. Ommej helps us adults to understand the child's entire existence more quickly. If it is difficult at school, it is a good way to ask the student if you can take the results and talk to their teacher about it. My experience is that they don't mind if their answers are passed on to parents, teachers or others. The child is confirmed and they feel that adults care when, through ommej, we want to hear what they think and how they feel. Through ommej, we can cooperate with other authorities and help the child faster. We work on prevention and promotion," says Eva Lindholm, curator central student health Härnösand municipality.

Briefly about HLT Härnösand

  • The abbreviation HLT stands for Health, Learning and Safety - a child's three basic rights according to the National Board of Health and Welfare.
  • The HLT work started in Västerbotten's municipalities and has been going on there for several years.
  • HLT Härnösand has been part of the Swedish National Board of Education's and the National Board of Health and Welfare's early and coordinated efforts (TSI) and has taken great inspiration from Västerbotten. HLT has also been going on in Kramfors and Sollefteå municipalities for almost two years.