Ommej and StudyBee begin collaboration

VD'n för ommej och VD'n för studybee ler mot kameran

Ommej and StudyBee begin collaboration - to improve young people's mental health

With its large presence in children's lives, school is a significant resource that constitutes one of the most important and strongest protective factors for mental health. Therefore, Ommej and StudyBee are starting a collaboration that integrates Ommej's service directly into StudyBee.

"The collaboration means an opportunity to make the students' individual needs and strengths visible, to promote a positive social and emotional environment and to offer the right support and resources in time to meet the students' needs,"

says Nicolina Fransson, founder and CEO at Ommej.

Learning and health are closely linked and mutually influence each other. Good health is a prerequisite for learning and success in school, and on the other hand, a positive school environment contributes to students' health and well-being. It is therefore important that everyone who works in the school – from teachers and school leaders to support staff and school health care – cooperates and collaborates to create a good environment for development and learning. Including mental health in the curriculum is not about the school being expected to solve all social problems. Rather, the students' mental health is one prerequisite for learning and thereby the school's core mission.

StudyBee is a tool for student assessment where all school staff work towards a common data source that has all the documentation about the students' school situation collected. This means increased opportunities to discover in good time when students need extra support. The tool also has a mobile app for students and guardians. Ommej's digital service will be able to replace the so-called satisfaction survey that is currently used by many schools.

“Ommej becomes a powerful support for mentors and student health, and complements the features for early detection, extra adaptations and case management already available in StudyBee. We are very much looking forward to developing this collaboration with Ommej," says Johan Henricson, CEO of StudyBee.

"We know that more and more children, almost every other young person, experience mental illness and that the most common cause of death among young people is suicide. Therefore, Ommej wants to contribute to the movement that has been highlighted in the media this week the majority of voluntary organizations demand that mental illness become mandatory on the schedule. With the Ommej app, children can not only share their story digitally with adults, but above all, entire classes or schools can be mapped very efficiently and the education and other efforts can be adapted to large groups of children before problems arise, says Nicolina Fransson, founder and CEO of Ommej. "

"Rather build schools for the boy than cells and gallows for the man”, Eliza Cook – A song for the ragged schools

Are you interested in knowing more or would you like to be part of the development project? You are welcome to contact Nicolina Fransson at email

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