Ommej ❤️ Back the Child

This year's Christmas gift: Ommej and Backa Barnet begin collaboration to strengthen cooperation and preventive work with children and young people.

Ommej and Backa Barnet have started collaboration with the aim of strengthening cooperation and preventive work with children and young people. Both organizations have a common value base that focuses on ensuring the safety, health and development of children and young people. By combining Ommej's digital solution with Backa Barnets, the collaboration will promote cooperation between different social actors and focus on preventing problems and challenges before they arise.

"Starting a partnership with Backa Barnet feels absolutely right, we are made for each other! I have admired their work since day one and am confident that our joint effort will make a significant difference. Ommej has already been proven to lead adults more quickly to the children's basic problems, and with Backa Barnet's method it is ensured that the needs of children and young people are taken care of in the best way. Together, we strive to support more municipalities and regions in the transition to preventive, cooperative and child-focused work, says Nicolina Fransson, founder and CEO of Ommej. 

Backa Barnet attaches great importance to providing children and young people with a safe and stable growing up environment by having a holistic view of their needs and rights. The model is inspired by the Scotland model and emphasizes collaboration between different actors, such as social services, schools and health care, to create a coordinated and effective effort for the children's best interests.

"Through partnership with Ommej, we are embarking on the digital path that has been missing until now. Initially, this will mean that children and young people who would rather communicate with us adults digitally get the opportunity to make their voices heard and give their view of their needs and situation in a way that suits them. Ommej, just like Backa Barnet, has been developed through a user-driven way of working, which makes the collaboration feel completely natural," says Caroline Ekstrand from Backa Barnet.

The child's perspective is always in focus in Ommej and it is important to communicate in a way that is accessible and respectful to children and young people in order to avoid misunderstandings and adult guesswork. Through Ommej's digital solution, better conditions are created to offer support and help that is adapted to the child's actual needs, because you get to the core of the basic problem more quickly.