Talk to kids on their terms

Ommej is a digital tool that helps authorities help children efficiently.

By identifying risks and resources in the children's vicinity, Ommej can help deploy the right efforts from various businesses at the right time. Ommej provides an overall picture of the problem based on the child's own story and strengthens the positive to process the negative.

Systematic Evaluation

Use Ommej to compare stories over time, from one year to another or before and after an intervention.

Simple Overview

Get easy-to-understand views of the child's network, wishes, risks and resources.

Evidence-based practice

Use Ommej to develop the business and adapt interventions for the child's individual needs


Get access to concrete statistics in stylish graphic summaries that makes things easier for everyone.

Preventive Work

Map large groups of children to identify risks and work on prevention.

Ommej Admin

Ommej makes children participate and gives the administration an overall picture of the child's needs.

The platform provides improved follow-up, quality assurance and collaboration. Admiinistrations have access to their own platform to invite children and see their responses and networks.

Ommej provides a pedagogical report of the child's answers that can support efforts in schools, BUP or in social services.

5 Reasons
to work with Ommej

1. Succeed better with preventive interventions

Save resources by working preventively. Working with children's stress at school can, for example, be a way to avoid mental illness that burdens the healthcare system later on. Ommej helps you see children's problems early - and put in the right preventive measures right away.

2. Get a better picture of the child's reality

Ommej identifies risks so that you can quickly start working with the right efforts from all sides. Ommej identifies resources in the children's vicinity that can become a positive lever in the work to help. Strengthen the business in the right places with the help of concrete statistics in clear graphs and reports generated in Ommej. 

3. Compare the effects of different interventions

Ommej gives you statistics both on an individual and aggregated level. A child's story can be evaluated before and after an intervention. Businesses within an entire municipality can scan a large number of children, and get statistics as a basis for sound social investments in the short and long term.

4. Start from the children's perspective 

Where are the problems? Where should the efforts be deployed? Ommej streamlines the collaboration between different authorities by allowing the child's story to be shared between the relevant agencies with the consent of the guardian or child over 15. The child does not have to tell his story over and over again.

5. More statistics - less gut feeling

Ommej helps you talk about the right thing faster and focus on what the child actually wants help with. It saves both money, time and human suffering. It helps the adult world to come to an agreement and meet the child's needs at an early stage, before the problem has had time to grow.

More info about
the Ommej app

What makes Ommej Unique?

Read more about how the Ommej app is unique and how it can develop your business.

Honor related oppression

How do we map honor-related violence and oppression?

Health and Learning

How does the Ommej app promote health and learning at school?

Violence in young people's close relationships

Read about how Ommej maps violence in young people's close relationships.

Crime Prevention

Research at Ommej

Research at Ommej

Read the research report from Malmö and Lund universities

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The training is aimed at new employees in businesses that use Ommej. During the digital training, in addition to an introduction to the service, a brief description of the background and purpose of Ommej is given, as well as how to use the service. The businesses themselves are responsible for ensuring that the participants have login to the service before the training.

What does science say?

You know there is research on Ommej, right? A Forte-financed study has shown that you get to the core problem faster because the children can formulate the problem themselves.

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