How do you work in crime prevention?

In July 2023, the new crime prevention law comes into force. According to this, each municipality must develop a situational picture of crime and, based on this, decide on the need for measures and decide on an action plan. The municipalities must also take responsibility for the coordination of local crime prevention work and establish a coordination function.

As children and young people are an indicator of future society, which they are also expected to both manage and contribute to, it is crucial to understand and pay attention to their situation. It is at this stage that the opportunity is greatest to influence a societal problem that today costs billions. The crime prevention work is based on carrying out causal analyzes of different contexts, in order to understand which of these lead to crime. But in order to allocate resources to the right efforts, it is important that all crime prevention work is based on what reality actually looks like. This knowledge-based way of working is about knowing what, why and how crime problems arise as well as analyzing which conceivable factors can lead to a crime taking place. How then do we collect and analyze that information in a systematic and truthful manner.

Ommej is a digital service that enables a move from a reactive treatment of mental illness and deviant behavior in children and young people, to an early and proactive approach. Ommej creates a truthful mapping of the child's existence, from the child's perspective, which gives social actors more effective decision-making bases and increased quality of efforts. In this way, an investment in Ommej means systematic work for a better social and economic result over time. This system increases the public sector's capacity to turn political goals into reality, where the target group gets better outcomes while societal costs are reduced.

Ommej gives businesses the opportunity to:

  • Offer a digital service, based on evidence-based risk and resource factors, where children and young people can tell in their own way how they feel, what they worry about or want help with
  • Early identify children's risks and resources at individual and group level
  • Give the right efforts at the right time
  • Cooperate within and between businesses
  • Illustrate and strengthen the children's rights perspective
  • Fulfill the requirements for systematic follow-up at individual, group and business level
  • Follow up efforts, projects, groups and units

How will your municipality organize itself for the crime prevention work?

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